We feature fine art and breakfast.
Art for breakfast, so to say. 


We wanted to do something about the fact that we (and people around us) felt we lacked time, and knowledge of the art market, to take part in what the cultural scene in Stockholm has to offer. Why limit fine arts consumption to evenings and weekends? People already do all sorts of things in the mornings. So in the early spring of 2014, we decided to found an organization that arranges monthly morning sessions featuring all kinds of fine arts. Over breakfast. 


The concept is quite straight forward: Free breakfast events featuring art.
Anyone can sign up to join us for a visit to a museum; a poetry reading, a small concert; an art gallery; a film screening - or anything else that we're featuring. We usually start at 8 am, and the session lasts for around half an hour. Breakfast is served and we're finished in time for you to get going to school/work.


The thought behind Early Art is to make it easier and more accessible for people to enjoy art. Early Art is for everyone. We want to provide people with opportunities to learn something new, a source for inspiration orsomething that challenges our minds. We want to lower the barriers for people to take part of what the broad and varied art scene Stockholm (and other large cities) has to offer, by offering up an open-minded room where anyone can enjoy art.

About the founders



Sofia is originally from a mid-sized city north of Stockholm but have spent quite some time immersing in parts of the Asian culture both during and after high school. After two rounds in Japan and one in Singapore she is now pursuing a master in marketing and communication in Stockholm.  Sofia is a big fan of modern dance, photography, design, the Guggenheim and almost any live gig. Firmly believes that breakfast is the best and most important meal of the day.

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Elin torstensson

Elin grew up in Norrland (the north of Sweden), and moved to the US when she graduated high school. After two years of college life and playing soccer for a liberal arts university in the south, she decided to move back to Sweden to pursue a degree in Business and Economics. She then joined a management consulting firm for two years, after which she left to build an commerce start-up in Myanmar. She now lives in London and work with start-ups and ecommerce.  Besides working, she loves traveling, playing soccer, fiking/breakfasting and fine arts - particularly piano, photography and theatre.

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