Become an Early Art host.

Are you passionate about various types of art, innovation and creative people? Are you a morning person (at least once a month)? Are you a fan of breakfast?

Great! Then you have pretty much all the criteria we require from our Early Art city hosts.

Now shoot us a short e-mail about yourself and why you would like to become a host, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

We look forward to hearing from you!


Q&A upon being a host

Q: What is it that an Early Art host do?

A: You are the team lead of the Early Art team in your city, and are responsible for arranging one Early Art session a month. This includes finding great artists, cool venues, and breakfast sponsors. And to promote each session of course.

Q: Why should I become an Early Art host?

A: It is fun! It’s also a great excuse to meet with and reach out to creative and arty people and companies in your city. And it’s fun. And it looks great on your resume. Did we say it was fun?

Q: Will I be compensated for being a host?

A: In monetary measures? Unfortunately not. Early Art is built upon passionate volunteers that believes in the concept and the good that having art for breakfast does to the creativity among people, and who does it for the fun of it. In non-monetary measures? DEFINITELY! Hosting Early Art is a blast, and you will build a huge network within the arty and creative community in your city.  

Q: Can I lead a team with only myself in it?

A: Yes. However, we suggest you gather a team of at least three people (including a photographer and a social media genius). The more the merrier, etc.

Q: Do I need to get permission from the HQ on each session that I’m planning?

A: No. We trust you to do a good job arranging great sessions. But of course we want to keep a conversation going to spread inspiration between the cities!

Q: Can I make people pay to attend a session?

A: No. Early Art is free and for everyone.

Q: Art artists featured on an Early Art sessions paid?

A: No, and neither are breakfast sponsors, nor venue providers. We work with artists and companies that come together for the love of making arts more accessible to the artsy and creative crows in their cities.

Q: How long do I sign up for being a host?

A: We suggest you start out hosting for a year.  We believe in continuity, and if you don’t think that you will be able to do it for a year, then maybe right now is not the best timing to become a host.  

Q: What else?

A: Our vision is to establish Early Art in large cities all over the world. When joining the Early Art community as a host, you will have access to a - hopefully soon - large network of arty, creative, and passionate people all around the world. And of course, a free pass to attend any global Early Art session as you would like, whenever you like.