#15: Music and Poetry

Together with Studieförbundet Bilda Öst were super exited to arrange this melodic morning.  On Wednesday October 7th we had a morning of absolut bliss in S:t Johannes Kyrka. Pianist Daniel Westin with basist and poet Sara Paborn performed together at dusk. Carotte served breakfast and there were tears in more than one eye. All in all - an amazing morning.


ABOUT  Sara paborn

Author and poet Sara was born 1972. she has written the novels SläktfeberTuppen och havet and this spring the road novel En eller annan väg was released (all published by Brombergs förlag). 2014 she debuted as a poet with Vilken tur att vi träffades innan vi dog. In connection to this Sara created the free poetry app Poesi på G where 20 famous Swedes read her poetry, talk about it and give book recommendations. 


ABOUT Daniel Westin

Formerly known from experimental indie band Humfree Bug Art Stockholm duo Grapell Stockholm based pianist Daniel debuted with his first solo album Notes in 2015. 



Bilda wants to help people meet and new perspectives are created. Bilda offers workshops , courses , cultural programs and other public education activities. It is a meeting point for Swedish popular movements, millennial ecclesial traditions, cultures with roots in various parts of the world, a free creation of popular music , choral music , dance , crafts and much more. Folkbildning for people of all ages. 





ABOUT Carotte

Carotte is a Stockholm based restaurant and catering firm focusing on using produce that is local, in season and environmentally friendly. They have two delis, a foodtruck and a restaurant (and we've heard whispers that they're about to open up a new place called Deli & Wine by Carotte..!) - be sure to check them out.


Photo: Sofia Hellsten