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Why Pop Art is awesome in 1:14 min

Meet Pop Artist and Designer Philip Colbert in this 1.14 min long video and find out why Pop Art in fact is Awesome. 



Philip Colbert | Why Pop art is awesome

 Foto: Oscar Omne

Foto: Oscar Omne

Founder of young artist network Young Art receives SCHOLARSHIP

Remember our very first Early Art session at NAU gallery in Stockholm? The founder of the gallery, Antonia von Euler, is also the founder of a network for young artists - Young Art. She just received a scholarship for matching young artists with businesses, and thereby creating job opportunities for these artist. Way to go Antonia!

Nätverk för ung konst premieras
Di Weekend

Why not make some art while on the run? 

With GPS apps  it's now possible for runners and bikers to create an artwork while working out. The movements are tracked by the apps in real-time, and enables everything from Thanksgiving turkeys to Game of Throne characters to be created. 

Making Art on the Run? There’s an App for That
The Wall Street Journal