Opening morning/premiere/ release party/vernissage/ preview.

Our very FIRST Early Art we presented together with NAU Gallery, a part of Young Art.  We were exited that the current exhibitor Hanna Andersson came to talk about her art.

Young Art

Friend of emerging stars, home of young art. Young Art helps market and establish up and coming artists through exhibitions, collaborations, private as well as business consultancy

The Exhibition Hanna Andersson - ONE (MIDDLE) FINGER

This series of work is my own journey - a summary of relief, frustration, rebellion and perception. A surreal landscape where I with my other selves (Pony Crew) solitarily ascend together or maybe we´re all by ourselves. We climb, trying to get up to the mountain. Some jump, some fall down the hole. This is where we all gather. I hope there is place for everyone. But I don't know. Anyways - I want to. 

Banner photo courtesy of Nau Gallery .