Why attending an Early Art session is a great idea.

The thought behind Early Art is to make art more accessible in the everyday life. One way of doing that is by arranging sessions that are finished in time for you to get going to work/school. But you might get there a (tiny) bit later than on a regular day. Here are some reasons why your boss (or professor) should be ok with that. In fact, more than ok! Your boss will wanna attend the session him-/herself after you have told him/her this: 

You might start off by telling your boss what Early Art sessions are all about: 

Free breakfast events featuring fine art. Art for breakfast, so to say. 

Then you can go on by saying: 

Early Art sessions makes me better at taking on and solving problems in innovative ways.

Art challenges our minds to think in new perspectives, and to be more creative and innovative. This is important in today’s society. The challenges that companies, organizations, and the society faces demands creative and innovative people to take on and solve problems in new, innovative ways. 

I get to build a valuable network when attending Early Art sessions.

Early Art is not only about the arts. It’s also about meeting and interacting with new people – people with different skills and talents, occupations, and backgrounds. There is plenty of time for networking and chatting during the sessions. Hence, attending a session creates a unique opportunity to reach out to people from different industries, learn about their work and spread the word about yours. Hey, why not set a time for a coffee later that week and talk more? 

I am guaranteed a great start to the day, hence I’ll be more productive at work for the rest of the work day.

The day’s first few hours can have a significant effect on the rest of the working day productivity-wise. By starting your morning by enjoying breakfast and art with a creative and arty crowd, you’re off to a great start – and you can go on to work, and shine. 

Finish off by asking if maybe your boss wanna come as well?

We hope to see you at our next session!